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Questions About W-2s

by on February 25, 2022

There have been a number of people asking about how to get their W-2 or why they haven’t received one yet, etc.

For all W-2 related questions, please send an email to PRTAX@AEP.COM. In the body of the email indicate you name, last four digits of your social security number, and your email address. Payroll will respond to your message.


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  1. Ron McCormick permalink

    My name is Patricia McCormick, and I retired on July 3, 2021. I had to e-mail PRPAY to get my W-2 e-mailed to me; I have yet to receive a copy supposedly mailed by AEP. Also, here it is February 25, I still have not received my 1099R on my cashout of my retirement funds, even after numerous phone calls and being told “call back after this day” or “call back after another day”, the last call was on 2/14/22, it still isn’t received, and it is the ONLY piece of information I need to get my refund done…and it is hold up a SUBSTANTIAL refund. I think my next course of action will be to check into any possible legal action for my information not being provided to me.

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