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2021 Annual Enrollment

by on October 23, 2020

AEP’s 2021 Health & Welfare Benefits Guides for retirees are now available at the links below or on the ‘Benefits’ tab.  For those electing to receive this information at their home address, this information was mailed out on October 12, 2020.  The 2021 annual enrollment period starts on Thursday, October 22, and will continue through Tuesday, November 10.  For additional information log onto  As a reminder, you must create a new user name and password, if you haven’t done so already.  If you have any questions or need assistance with logging in or making any changes to your 2021 benefits, please contact the AEP Benefits Center at 1-888-237-2363, option 1. 

2021 Annual Enrollment Guide for Retirees & Survivors Age 65 or Over

2021 Annual Enrollment Guide for Retirees & Survivors Under Age 65

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  1. Tim Curtiss permalink

    Does anyone know why the employee monthly contribution for medical (retiree under age 65) is increasing by over 50% for 2021 (from $190/mo to $292/mo for employee only coverage? I checked with the online benefits group, and they said that this information isn’t available to them.

  2. This was under changes for this year.

    Medical and Dental Plan Contributions

    Every year, AEP conducts a benefits review that determines the value of the health benefits we provide to you. As we announced last year, we found that the value of the health benefits we provide to you was in line with utility peers, while the cost of the benefits paid by participants (specifically those covering dependents) was lower than average.

    We adopted a phased approach over a three-year period, and 2021 will be the second year of contribution rate adjustments for enrolled dependents. As a result, you may see an incremental increase in your medical plan contribution rate depending on the plan you choose and if you cover a spouse, domestic partner, and/or child(ren).

  3. timjoy2 permalink

    Yeah, I had seen that, but my coverage was for me, and did not involve any dependents. Oh well. It’ll all change in a few months when I turn 65 anyways. I did reach out to HR benefits people and they don’t seem to have any idea why rates increased by over 50% either.

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