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New AEP Benefits Center Provides an Easier Way to Manage Your Benefits Online

by on July 3, 2019

AEP has introduced a unified online benefits experience with a whole new and much easier way to learn about, compare, and, when the time comes, elect your benefits options.

The newly redesigned AEP Benefits Center website at provides you with a single place with detailed information about the benefits that AEP provides, including making payments towards your direct bill account for your retiree medical, dental, vision and life insurance coverages.

The AEP Benefits Center is now supported by two service providers, Businessolver, Inc., as the health and welfare administrator, and Mercer, as the AEP Pension Plan administrator, working together to serve all of your benefit needs as seamlessly as possible.

Most benefit needs can now be accomplished through the new AEP Benefits Center website without having to remember different website addresses, user names and passwords.

Underlying AEP benefit plans, services, and networks are not affected by this change nor does the change affect the actual providers that administer these coverages.

For example, if you are currently an Anthem or Aetna medical plan participant, Anthem or Aetna will remain your medical plan provider.

Continue to use 1-888-237-2363 if you have questions about your AEP benefits. Although the phone number has not changed, the prompts you hear when you connect are now different. Please listen carefully to select the option that best fits your needs.

Visit AEP Benefits Center to create a new user name and password (using company key “AEP”), so you will be ready to make any changes as needed, and to access to numerous tools and educational resources.

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  1. David Hawk permalink

    Why does AEP keep changing insurance billers constantly? These billers again and again screw up, don’t direct deduct the insurance premiums that had been set up for years. The new biller never seems to be able to keep that going without me getting involved to straighten out the mess that keeps occurring with each biller change. I give AEP HR an F- rating for service regarding health insurance premium payments.

  2. Perry Brown permalink

    How many of us retirees were so called ‘under charged’ on our medical, dental, and vision insurances by almost $100 per month from January to now per this new company? And why is it, if the previous question is true, that we got no notice of this until we log into the new benefits center setting up our logins, plus the next electronic draw from our banks would be the day most would find this information out?

    To also hear that AEP knew about this, but no one at AEP took the effort to let affected AEP retirees know about this is a bit shameful of current staff towards AEP retirees. Things like this say so much to how retirees are viewed as not counting as nothing more than a pain in backsides to what used to be our fellow AEP coworkers and that our previous employment/work are not valued.

  3. Charles Jackson Jr. permalink

    I haven’t gotten information on change from wageworks to where to send insurance payments and the end of the month is getting closer. who can help me, the phone number I was on hold for over two hours and have yet to get call back. please help

  4. Perry Brown permalink

    Charles, if you followed the link in the article to setup your access to the newer Benefits Center, once logged in to that site your have access to the letters they say they sent out for our insurance payments and any other items recently sent out.

    That was when and how I found out about what I commented on above you. Not from anything mailed to me from them or from AEP.

  5. Ken Drenten permalink

    AEP HR is listening and responding to your concerns:

    @ David – We hope that your opinion of the new service provider will be more positive. We are constantly looking to improve the experience for our participants which does sometime require changes such as transitioning to a whole new service provider.

    @ Perry – Although we aim for a smooth transition during any major change such as this one, when dealing with over 40,000 employees, retirees and former employees and all of their data, it’s a very difficult challenge. We apologize that you were not given more notice regarding the incorrect billing that was in place prior to July.

    @ Charles – Invoices for July have been mailed out. You should be receiving any day as many indicated that they just received today. July payments can be made up through July 31, including the option for making online payments. We appreciate your patience during this transition.

  6. Joe Brooks permalink

    Why is it when I go to the I cannot get anyone to chat about benefits and when I call 888-237-2363 it rings busy all the time

  7. Helen Stewart permalink

    How can I get to the payment portal to pay my bill. Every month it gets harder and harder to find out where i am suppose to go to do this.

  8. Leigh Ann Mayer permalink

    My dad worked for AEP (Indiana & Michigan) for 44 years. Your benefits and service have always been top notch. My experience with the “new administration” has been anything but that. If I even manage to get a human being to talk to me on the other end, they have to shuffle through notes for 20 minutes before they can even tell me that they cannot tell me anything. This being after I have resent power of attorney paperwork a second time three weeks ago and was given an earlier date to check back. I don’t know how you expect elderly retirees and dependents to navigate your system. When calling to connect new service in Indiana this month, my call was answered by Appalachian Power and the lady couldn’t even find my address, even when I supplied the meter number! You’re getting too big for your britches AEP! Better take a step back and remember what made you so big in the first place!

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