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March/April Obits

by on May 20, 2019

Paul Florjanczyk, 88, unknown location, died, 3/18/2019


Douglas Maples, 65, Tanners Creek Plant, Lawrenceburg, IN, died, 3/9/2019

Georgieanna Robinson, 89, South Bend Service Center, South Bend, IN, died, 4/10/2019

Larry Henderson, 84, Spy Run Building. #3, Ft. Wayne, IN, died, 3/17/2019

Charles Beam, 83, Winchester Service Center, Winchester, IN, died, 3/22/2019

David Mornout, 77, South Bend Service Center, South Bend, IN, died, 3/3/2019

Eugene Grim, 92, Muncie Service Center, Muncie, IN, died, 2/11/2019


Rhonda Lucas, 57, Robert E Matthews Service Center, Ashland, KY, died, 4/3/2019

John Spilman, 76, Robert E Matthews Service Center, Ashland, KY, died, 2/22/2019

Joan Mosco, 87, Ashland Office, Ashland, KY, died, 4/24/2019

Larry Cantrell, 73, Pikeville Service Center, Pikeville, KY, died, 4/19/2019

Robert Kise, 81, Big Sandy Plant, Louisa, KY, died, 3/29/2019


Billy Reagan, 91, Shreveport General Office, Shreveport, LA, died, 2/28/2019

Elby Taylor, 77, Shreveport General Office, Shreveport, LA, died, 3/18/2019

Robert Taylor, 77, Haughton Operations Center, Haughton, LA, died, 4/21/2019

Thomas Virnich, 71, AEP River Operations, Convent, LA, died, 2/28/2019


Michael Taylor, 69, Buchanan Service Center, Buchanan, MI, died, 2/25/2019

Glen Zimmerman, 75, Cook Nuclear Plant, Bridgman, MI, died, 3/17/2019

Dorothy Cook, 95, Three Rivers Service Center, Three Rivers, MI, died, 4/21/2019


Douglas Clemons, 72, 825 Tech Center Building, Gahanna, OH, died, 3/10/2019

Deborah Crye, 62, Conesville Plant, Conesville, OH, died, 4/27/2019

David Morrow, 66, Canton General Service Center, Canton, OH, died, 4/8/2019

Jerry Polley, 68, Athens Office & Service Center, Athens, OH, died, 3/31/2019

William Hilty, 68, Lima Service Center, Lima, OH, died, 3/8/2019

Rosalee Brown, 71, Canton Eastern Regional Office, Canton, OH, died, 4/13/2019

John Wright, 71, Athens Office & Service Center, Athens, OH, died, 4/3/2019

Donald Kemmerling, 71, AEP Headquarters, Columbus, OH, died, 4/3/2019

Kevin Mack, 65, AEP Headquarters, Columbus, OH, died, 4/11/2019

Keith Brown, 74, Conesville Plant, Conesville, OH, died, 3/23/2019

Joseph Lavin, 72, AEP Headquarters, Columbus, OH, died, 2/19/2019

Micheal Bullock, 74, Conesville Plant, Conesville, OH, died, 3/14/2019

David Danhart, 83, Lancaster Office Building, Lancaster, OH, died, 3/28/2019

Harold Workman, 82, Lancaster Office Building, Lancaster, OH, died, 3/8/2019

Loy Hanson, 84, Central Ohio Coal, Cumberland, OH, died, 3/15/2019

Harold Norton, 87, Gallipolis Service Center, Gallipolis, OH, died, 3/24/2019

Elbert Dunivant, 85, Canton Eastern Regional Office, Canton, OH, died, 2/19/2019

Lewis Place, 77, Van Wert Service Center, Van Wert, OH, died, 3/4/2019

Paul Lamprecht, 92, 850 Tech Center Building, Gahanna, OH, died, 4/18/2019

Kenneth Jackson, 79, Central Ohio Coal, Cumberland, OH, died, 3/11/2019

Arthur Hunley, 82, Columbus Region Office, Columbus, OH, died, 3/9/2019

Galeaner Taylor, 95, 850 Tech Center Building, Gahanna, OH, died, 9/8/2017

Eileen Harrison, 80, Canton Eastern Regional Office, Canton, OH, died, 4/17/2019

Charles Ferrell, 79, Mt Vernon Service Building, Mt. Vernon, OH, died, 3/28/2019

Paul Wagner, 76, Muskingum River, Waterford, OH, died, 4/12/2019

Donna Bowers, 74, AEP Headquarters, Columbus, OH, died, 3/23/2019

Robert James, 89, 850 Tech Center Building, Gahanna, OH, died, 4/29/2019

Robert Martin, 91, 850 Tech Center Building, Gahanna, OH, died, 2/25/2019

Clarence Phillips, 83, 850 Tech Center Building, Gahanna, OH, died, 4/22/2019

Jack Hayes, 76, Columbus SW Service Center, Columbus, OH, died, 4/15/2019

Raymond Yates, 80, 850 Tech Center Building, Gahanna, OH, died, 4/15/2019

Donald Vanvoorhis, 88, Canton Eastern Regional Office, Canton, OH, died, 3/18/2019


Robert Allen, 79, Tulsa General Office, Tulsa, OK, died, 3/29/2019

Bobby Bush, 69, Riverside Station, Jenks, OK, died, 4/1/2019

Ruth Kosechata, 84, Tulsa General Office, Tulsa, OK, died, 2/26/2019

Laverna Linthicum, 77, Mid Metro, Tulsa, OK, died, 3/31/2019

Doris Propps, 83, Tulsa General Office, Tulsa, OK, died, 2/22/2019

Jewel Austin, 89, Tulsa General Office, Tulsa, OK, died, 2/18/2019

Richard Fitzgerald, 71, Tulsa General Office, Tulsa, OK, died, 4/15/2019


Cecil Johnson, 78, Renaissance Tower, Dallas, TX, died, 2/22/2019

Van Tribble, 76, CSW Center, Dallas, TX, died, 3/22/2019

Jesse Canales, 73, Lipan Service Center, Corpus Christi, TX, died, 4/1/2019

Albert Garcia, 87, Home Office, Corpus Christi, TX, died, 3/24/2019

Andrew Johnson, 84, Home Office, Corpus Christi, TX, died, 3/20/2019

Stanley McCarthy, 83, Home Office, Corpus Christi, TX, died, 3/9/2019

William Stout, 75, Uvalde Service Center, Uvalde, TX, died, 4/15/2019

John Barnwell, 53, Welsh Plant, Pittsburg, TX, died, 4/12/2019

Janet Ramsey, 77, Wellington, Wellington, TX, died, 4/17/2019

M Smith, 80, General Office, Abilene, TX, died, 4/12/2019


Gregory Mullins, 59, Clinch River Plant, Cleveland, VA, died, 2/20/2019

James Woods, 69, Clinch River Plant, Cleveland, VA, died, 4/9/2019

Jack Kirby, 73, Roanoke Main Office, Roanoke, VA, died, 3/29/2019

Thomas Mullins, 71, Smith Mountain Hydro, Sandy Level, VA, died, 2/13/2019

Irvin Goins, 78, Roanoke Main Office, Roanoke, VA, died, 3/6/2019

Marvin Monroe, 74, Gate City Office & Service Center, Gate City, VA, died, 3/29/2019

George Drewry, 77, BB&T Building, Roanoke, VA, died, 4/28/2019

Andrew Thornton, 92, BB&T Building, Roanoke, VA, died, 4/5/2019

Henry Howell, 92, Roanoke Main Office, Roanoke, VA, died, 3/3/2019

Guyda Hedrick, 94, Roanoke Main Office, Roanoke, VA, died, 4/7/2019

Jack Meador, 90, Roanoke Main Office, Roanoke, VA, died, 4/6/2019

James Wheeler, 85, BB&T Building, Roanoke, VA, died, 3/30/2019

Herman Johnson, 78, Roanoke Service Building, Roanoke, VA, died, 2/27/2019

Linwood Stone, 81, Fieldale Office, Fieldale, VA, died, 4/26/2019

Roy Pendleton, 97, Glen Lyn Plant, Glen Lyn, VA, died, 3/7/2019

West Virginia

John Dunlap, 70, Central Machine Shop, South Charleston, WV, died, 4/27/2019

Kenneth Greenway, 68, River Trans Division, West Columbia, WV, died, 3/23/2019

Kenneth Hudson, 75, N Charleston Service Center, Charleston, WV, died, 3/15/2019

Sandra McGlone, 75, River Trans Division, West Columbia, WV, died, 3/14/2019

Joseph Conkle, 82, Amos Plant, Winfield, WV, died, 4/4/2019

Gary Palmer, 72, Sporn Plant, New Haven, WV, died, 4/8/2019

James Warren, 77, Mountaineer Plant, New Haven, WV, died, 2/17/2019

George Six, 70, St Albans Office & Service Center, St. Albans, WV, died, 4/13/2019

John Moss, 88, N Charleston Service Center, Charleston, WV, died, 3/31/2019

James Rasnake, 78, Amos Plant, Winfield, WV, died, 4/8/2019

Rufus Meade, 90, Williamson Service Center, Williamson, WV, died, 3/16/2019

Kenna Judy, 91, N Charleston Service Center, Charleston, WV, died, 4/7/2019

Andrew Jordan, 93, River Transport Division, West Columbia, WV, died, 3/29/2019

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