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by on February 18, 2019

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  1. Wayne Pugh permalink

    This listing is very difficult to sort through. Should be by last name not date.

  2. Jane Faeth Frias permalink

    Liked the old way better, when it was sorted by operating company.

  3. Ronald Geese permalink

    The new retirements and obituary format is HORRIBLE. Who’s idea was this?

  4. Phyllis Tackett permalink

    I like the other way this was presented. By the Operating Areas. This is not good,

  5. Larry Smith permalink

    This revised version is still difficult to read/sort through. Why don’t you just go back to the old format?

  6. jdmalone1aep permalink

    Hello. I am the new person managing this site. Please bear with me as we are working on new ways to publish the Obit and Retiree posts to reduce the amount of time and editing it takes to produce — the old format is very intensive, especially when the files can run to 100 or more names. We are looking into a number of solutions and I promise we will find something that is both efficient and informative.

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