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by on November 28, 2018

AEP Energy

George Sheafer, 70, Bammell Field Team Office, died September 22.

Malcolm Veal, 65, Elmwood Convent Fleet & Repair, died September 19.

AEP Service Corporation

Josephine Orlando, 97, retired, Rockefeller Center, died September 18.

Appalachian Power Company

Robert Coffman, 88, retired, Bb&T Building, died October 4.

Edward Gavin, 77, retired, Fieldale Office, died October 1.

Teddy McComas, 86, retired, Huntington Office, died September 29.

Raymond Sisk Jr., 69, Sporn Plant, died October 6.

Betty Snead, 79, retired, Clinch River Plant, died October 7.

Melvin Wilson Jr., 78, retired, Roanoke Main Office, died September 27.

Robert Wilson Jr., 80, retired, Central Machine Shop, died October 7.

Columbus Southern Power Company

Ray Burns, 76, Conesville Prep Plant, died September 26.

William Shannon, 69, Conesville Plant, died October 17.

Edward Vichich, 82, retired, Columbus Southwest Service Center, died October 29.

Indiana Michigan Power Company

Cathy Martin, 70, One Summit Square, died September 29.

Jack Mucia, 86, retired, Buchanan Service Center, died September 26.

Charles Murphy, 92, retired, Cook Nuclear Plant, died September 30.

William Nichols, 71, Cook Nuclear Plant, died October 2.

Charles Potts Jr., 66, Cook Nuclear Plant, died October 7.

Francis Schmidt, 94, retired, Mishawaka Hydro, died October 9.

Kentucky Power Company

Clara Peters, 91, retired, Hazard Office, died October 10.

Ohio Power Company

Paul Foos, 79, retired, Tiffin Service Center, died October 2.

Charles Gill, 99, retired, Zanesville Office, died October 22.

Dencil Henthorn Jr., 69, Mitchell Plant, died October 20.

Kevin Jackson, 58, Gavin Plant, died October 21.

Charles Lowe, 92, retired, East Liverpool Office Building, died October 15.

Robert McCaig, 85, retired, Canton Eastern Regional Office, died October 22.

Karl Smith, 71, retired, Cardinal Plant, died October 29.

John Steiner, 92, retired, Cardinal Plant, died October 12.

George Wagner, 91, retired, Lima Office, died October 19.

Charles Wood, 78, retired, Southern Ohio Coal Company, died October 10.

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