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by on November 15, 2018

AEP Service Corporation

Charles Harless, 65, AEP Headquarters, died August 28.

Kenneth Sheldon, 86, retired, died August 24.

AEP Texas

Joe Burnham, 89, retired, Abilene General Office, died September 5.

Doris Feldmann, 86, retired, Abilene General Office, died July 31.

Emory Migura, 84, retired, Corpus Christi Office, died September 3.

Joe Smith, 63, Childress Office, died September 2.

Appalachian Power Company

Kenneth Carter, 87, retired, Sporn Plant, died August 24.

Dale Fisher, 86, retired, Smith Mountain Hydro, died August 9.

Gene Gue, 76, retired, Central Machine Shop, died September 21.

Carl Randolph, 67, Mountaineer Plant, died August 27.

Imogene Snyder, 78, Sporn Plant, died August 31.

Columbus Southern Power Company

Kathleen Burk, 90, retired, 850 Tech Center, died September 11.

Guillermo, Cevallos, 74, retired, 825 Tech Center, died August 27.

Marcia Curtiss, 71, retired, 850 Tech Center, died September 2.

Michael Harris, 69, retired, Mound Street Service Center, died August 27.

Stephen Schloss, 70, retired, Athens Service Center, died September 7.

Indiana Michigan Power Company

Dorothy Jones, 84, retired, One Summit Square, died September 12.

Emily Miller, 75, retired, Cook Nuclear Plant, died July 25.

Forrest Odell, 91, retired, South Bend Service Center, died August 28.

Odell Tooks, 88, retired, Spy Run Service Center, died September 14.

Grant Ulm, 90, retired, One Summit Square, died August 30.

Ohio Power Company

Anthony Blatt, 80, retired, Kammer Plant, died July 24.

Fred Cunningham, 84, retired, Southern Ohio Coal Company, died August 13.

Richard Gilcher, 91, retired, Portsmouth Service Center, died September 5.

Donald Hunter, 87, retired, Zanesville Office, died August 9.

Roy Hupp, 79, retired, Muskingum River Plant, died September 20.

Carroll Shoemaker, 84, retired, Lima Office, died August 31.

Constance Strayer, 85, retired, Findlay Office, died August 20.

Paul Tempfer, 93, retired, Lancaster Office Building, died August 20.

Lillian Wilkin, 93, retired, Canton Eastern Regional Office, died July 2.

Public Service Company of Oklahoma

Clarence Dacus, 86, retired, Tulsa General Office, died August 29.

Steven Garrett, 69, Mid Metro Office, died September 21.

Johnny Smith, 79, retired, Tulsa General Office, died September 2.

Southwestern Electric Power Company

Tonya Leone, 46, Shreveport Office, died September 5.

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