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Collaboration for Resilience and Sustainability in Fort Wayne

by on November 5, 2018
As part of the project, Indiana Michigan Power Company workers planted 10 berry-producing trees to benefit wildlife near the right-of-way.

(Story by Linda O’horo)

Recently, Indiana Michigan Power Company (I&M) and AEP collaborated with the City of Fort Wayne on the Spy Run Extension project, which restored and enhanced a transmission right-of-way area that passes through a city park and along a greenway trail.

This was the final piece of the massive Powering Up Central project, one of five Powering Up Indiana projects to replace aging transmission infrastructure and improve reliability for customers.

Watch a video about the project.

During these projects, AEP entities collaborated with city and community officials and communicated frequently with area residents.

And for the Spy Run Extension Project, post-construction site restoration involved special efforts to enhance sustainability and beauty during restoration work in a 6.5 mile long transmission line right-of-way area.

I&M and the City of Fort Wayne worked together to create environmentally-balanced habitats which provide beauty in a right-of-way area that runs through a public parkway. Benefits from the new project include:

  • Replacing old towers and lines with new, modern transmission towers and lines, which are less visible on the horizon.
  • Removing invasive trees in the right-of-way area, providing better views of the adjacent St. Joseph River.
  • Planting 10 berry-producing trees to benefit wildlife.
  • Planting native plant seeds in one section of the right-of-way to provide animal habitat, while restricting the establishment of invasive trees.
  • Adding two park benches and a bike repair station on the pathway.


The Spy Run-Greenway area project is just one example of how AEP, AEP Transmission, and AEP operating companies work with others to improve electric system reliability for customers while benefitting the surrounding community in additional ways.

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