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by on July 17, 2018

AEP River Transportation Division

Ronald Frazier, 63, River Transportation Division, died June 8.

AEP Service Corporation

Robert Johnston, 90, retired, AEP Headquarters, died June 6.

Bernard Zickefoose, 61, United Science Testing, Inc., died June 25.

AEP Texas

Forrest Carter, 92, retired, Abilene General Office, died July 1.

Louise Mohr, 91, retired, Abilene General Office, died July 2.

Virginia Matheny, 99, retired, Corpus Christi Office, died March 16.

Margaret Sens, 88, retired, Corpus Christi Office, died June 10.

Robert Weaver, 76, Paint Creek Power Plant, died June 4.

Appalachian Power Company

Wayne Bailey, 76, retired, Beckley Service Center, died June 3.

Franklin Esterly, 72, retired, Amos Plant, died June 2.

Alfred Fauver, 51, Amos Plant, died May 31.

Willie Feazelle, 76, retired, Roanoke Service Building, died June 27.

Raymond Finnearty, 77, retired, Mountaineer Plant, died June 30.

Patrick Hunter, 67, North Charleston Service Center, died June 27.

Abner Jacobs, 82, retired, Rocky Mount Service Center, died July 1.

Ralph Jones, 79, retired, Pulaski Service Center, died June 11.

Ruby Lawson, 66, Clinch River Plant, died June 30.

Jack Pippin, 88, retired, Kingsport Office, died June 14.

David Willard Sr., 76, Roanoke Service Building, died June 21.

Charles Williams, 75, Amos Plant, died June 30.

Columbus Southern Power Company

Wayne Armstrong, 95, retired, 850 Tech Center, died June 24.

Richard Bachman, 74, Conesville Plant, died June 16.

Raymond Kirker, 67, Conesville Plant, died July 2.

Dale Priddy, 84, retired, Athens Service Center, died June 7.

Helen Shepherd, 83, retired, 850 Tech Center, died March 20.

Larry Spohn, 64, 850 Tech Center, died June 21.

Indiana Michigan Power Company

Gaylord Bliss, 89, retired, One Summit Square, died June 26.

John Custer, 74, Cook Nuclear Plant, died June 7.

Virgil Geisleman, 83, retired, South Bend Office, died June 8.

Clifford Hammers, 85, retired, Muncie Office, died May 25.

David Lake, 79, retired, Baer Field Service Center, died July 3.

Norman Luttman, 74, retired, Spy Run Service Center, died June 11.

Carlos Roahrig, 87, retired, St. Joseph Service Center, died June 13.

Donald Starker, 74, retired, Tanners Creek Plant, died June 9.

William Whipkey, 91, retired, South Bend Service Center, died May 25.

Kentucky Power Company

Calvin Burnett, 90, retired, Robert E. Matthews Service Center, died June 7.

David Compton, 68, Big Sandy Plant, died April 17.

Ohio Power Company

Judith Brown, 74, retired, Cardinal Plant, died June 5.

Frederick Davis, 88, retired, Central Ohio Coal Company, died May 26.

Jeffrey Earnest, 65, Cardinal Plant, died June 9.

James Edson, 87, retired, Lima Service Center, died June 10.

Jerry Glore, 78, retired, Findlay Office, died June 19.

Gilbert Fisher, 72, retired, Muskingum River Plant, died June 23.

Raymond Harless, 89, retired, Lancaster Office Building, died June 21.

John Lennon, 85, retired, Wooster Office Building, died June 4.

Patricia Sharkey, 78, retired, New Philadelphia Service Center, died February 28.

Public Service Company of Oklahoma

Ervin Ellis, 87, retired, Tulsa General Office, died June 2.

Robert Hale, 89, retired, Tulsa General Office, died June 14.

Darrell Mills, 64, Snyder Office, died May 21.

Walter Shields, 89, retired, Tulsa General Office, died July 6.

Julianne Stacy, 47, CSW Tulsa, died May 12.

Southwestern Electric Power Company

Douglas Bonner, 99, retired, Shreveport General Office, died July 5.

Tracy Brittain, 58, Wilkes Power Plant, died June 18.

Leon Kelly, 63, Dolet Hills Lignite Mine, died June 19.

Robert Rogers, 69, Greenwood Service Center, died May 26.


Larry Smith, 69, John W. Vaughan Center, died June 19.

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