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AEP Produces 2018 Corporate Accountability Report: ‘Shaping a Brighter Energy Future Together’

by on May 3, 2018

“It’s hard to imagine what our lives would be like without electricity. At American Electric Power, we believe a sustainable future begins with the social and economic benefits of delivering universal access to safe, reliable and cost-effective electricity every day. We are proud to have been entrusted with that responsibility and we work every day to deserve that trust. As we transition to a cleaner energy future, we remain grounded in our commitment to working with our customers and communities to build a brighter, sustainable future together.”

That is how Nick Akins, AEP chairman, president and chief executive officer, introduces the 2018 AEP Corporate Accountability Report: “Shaping a Brighter Energy Future Together.”

“We’re committed to creating the energy infrastructure and providing services needed to support vibrant communities,” Akins continues. “We envision a future where smart systems allow us to power society in more efficient, effective ways and in ways customers expect. And that future is a lot closer than we think.”

The 2018 Corporate Accountability Report marks AEP’s ninth integrated report and 12th year of reporting on its environmental, social and economic performance. The report is widely used to educate and inform AEP investors, customers,  employees and other stakeholders on AEP’s performance, initiatives and strategy for the future.

At AEP, we understand that the growing demands of the 21st century economy will require smart, comprehensive and sustainable infrastructure solutions.

Highlights from this year’s report include:

  • AEP employees’ commitment to restoring power to customers. In 2017, Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria left millions of customers without power. Despite the damage and challenging conditions, our employees worked relentlessly to safely restore power while demonstrating compassion and mutual care to our customers, communities and one another.
  • AEP’s new sustainability goals. Developed by employees, the goals reflect AEP’s commitment to the environment; efficient use of energy; safety, health and well-being of our workforce and the public; supplier diversity; community building; the customer experience; and economic development. The goals are aligned with our corporate strategy and business initiatives.
  • In February of 2018, AEP committed to reducing CO2 emissions by 60 percent by 2030 and 80 percent by 2050 (both from a 2000 baseline) from all generating facilities. The carbon reduction goal is supported by the new energy transition goals. These commitments are a reflection of AEP’s transition to a clean energy future.
  • AEP’s focus on advancing technology and innovation. The growing demands of the 21st century economy will require smart, comprehensive and sustainable infrastructure solutions. That is why, as one of the largest electric utility companies in the U.S., AEP is partnering with others to identify innovative solutions to meet the rapidly evolving needs of customers.
Zero Harm is at the heart of everything we do at AEP. It means we believe all injuries are preventable.

The report adds that, “Our strategy for a sustainable future to ensure the production and delivery of energy enables positive social and economic change for our customers, employees and communities as we collaboratively shape our future. This is grounded by our culture of safety, continuous improvement and customer focus. We commit to aggressively support economic development, develop innovative solutions, champion education and make smart infrastructure investments that power our communities and improve lives.”

The 2018 Corporate Accountability Report, as well as more details on AEP’s efforts and strategies on sustainable development, can be found at

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