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Retiree benefits billing issue noted and is being corrected

by on January 30, 2018
  • Some billing accounts charged twice, resulting in past due notices

  • Coverage unaffected as long as January payment was made


A number of AEP retirees recently received past due notices regarding their January premium amounts.

The company that AEP uses for retiree benefits billing experienced an issue that resulted in sending the past due notices.

In some accounts, the amounts due for January were processed twice. Those accounts appeared to have a remaining balance due, even though the correct January amount was paid in a timely manner.

At this time AEP is not aware of the exact number of people impacted.

This issue is being reviewed and corrected. Your coverage is NOT in any danger of being terminated or impacted in any way, as long as you have made the appropriate January premium payment.

If you are not sure whether you have made the appropriate payment, please contact the AEP Benefits Center (888-237-2363, option 1 and then option 2) to confirm your correct monthly amount and whether you have any amounts that are actually past due.

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  1. jrj003 permalink

    They denied it was there problem when I called. The letter was threatening & received with little time to act. Not very professional or interested in customer service.

  2. They might not have had the problem if they would only join the modern world and
    set up a electronic site so we could use online banking. Instead the bank has to
    slow mail it to them, they have to hire people to open the mail and record the
    payment. With online banking that would all be automatic and cheaper in the long

  3. And not one mention of an apology for screwing with your retirees. Heads of everyone responsible should roll, including the V.P.

  4. They just about wiped out ALL our checking account for about triple the normal Auto draft – all without an apology of any form. A pain in the butt and they do NOT care. We agreed to an auto-draft each month to a hundreds of dollar payment but when they take three time that amount its ridiculous. Theres no accountability fromAEP or CONEXIS who handles the retirees payments.

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