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PSO retiree Dale Johnson profiled for Veterans Day

by on November 9, 2017

Pvt. Dale Johnson, U.S. Army, at age 20.

(Story by Ed Bettinger)

PSO News recently profiled a number of Public Service Company of Oklahoma employees and retirees who have served our nation in the military. This is one of the profile articles, about Dale Johnson, a U.S. Army veteran who retired December 1, 2009, with 35 years of service. His final position was as working foreman on a line crew.

Thank you to Dale for your service, and to all of our AEP veterans.

Where were you born and raised?
I was born in Tulsa and raised in southern Arizona. Just before high school we moved back to Tulsa. I have been here ever since.

What was your branch of the service?
U.S. Army.

When did you serve and for how long?
I served two years, from October 1967 until September 1969.

What led you to serve in the military?
Like many young men during the time of the Vietnam War, I was drafted at age 19.

What was your experience in the military?
I went through basic training at Fort Polk, LA.  Next, I was stationed with the 45th Artillery Brigade Air Defense outfit at a Nike Hercules anti-aircraft missile site outside of Chicago for four months.  I was then sent to Germany to the Third Armored Division, 19th Maintenance Battalion, which was part of the East-West border patrol in divided Germany during the Cold War.

What is the highest rank you attained?
Specialist 4th Class.

Current photo of Dale Johnson

What were your military responsibilities?
I was a Track Armored mechanic.  I worked on M60 tanks, armored personnel carriers, and armored command vehicles.

What is your best memory of military service?
I don’t have any particular best memory, but I wouldn’t trade anything for my time in the service. If called upon to serve again, I would do so with pride!

Please describe your PSO employee experience.
I started August 1974 at 1st & Cheyenne as a helper on a line crew. Over time I also worked out of Mid Metro, 1st & Denver, 81st & Yale [now closed], Sand Springs, and, finally, at Alsuma. I was at Alsuma when I retired December 1, 2009 with 35 years of service.

My final position was as Working Foreman on a line crew. I worked with and learned from some of the greatest linemen to ever strap on a set of hooks. I worked for hard foremen who knew and appreciated a job well done. All in all, PSO was a great place to work. I had a lot of demanding routine jobs, but also worked a lot of storms (ice, tornados and high winds)…and I LOVED IT ALL!”

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