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by on October 2, 2017

AEP Service Corporation

Ronald Blitz, 80, retired, Central Operations Center, died July 30.

Charles Carney, 72, AEP Headquarters, died August 12.

William Lhota, 77, retired, AEP Headquarters, died August 10.

Thomas Lynch, 89, retired, AEP Headquarters, died August 16.

John Yurkovitch, 76, retired, died August 19.

Appalachian Power Company

Larry Blain, 76, retired, Pt. Pleasant Service Center, died July 27.

Jimmy Ferguson, 81, retired, Amos Plant, died July 22.

James Haynes, 82, retired, Bluefield Office, died July 16.

Henry Jones Jr., 92, retired, Bluefield Office, died August 3.

Buddy Peaytt, 71, Sporn Plant, died August 18.

Columbus Southern Power Company

William Ash, 85, retired, 850 Tech Center, died August 4.

Kerry Daniels, 72, retired, Columbus Southwest Service Center, died August 22.

Donald Hutchinson, 78, retired, 825 Tech Center, died August 2.

Bruce Peart, 67, Chillicothe Service Center, died August 24.

Indiana Michigan Power Company

John Fryer, 80, retired, Cook Nuclear Plant, died August 8.

Donald Gudgeon, 83, retired, Tanners Creek Plant, died August 23.

Bryon Moore, 67, Elkhart Service Center, died July 24.

Robert Roemke, 85, retired, One Summit Square, died July 27.

Arthur Tetzlaff, 80, retired, Buchanan Nuclear Office, died August 18.

David Williams, 74, retired, New Buffalo Service Center, died July 29.

William Zent, 76, retired, Baer Field Service Center, died August 6.

Ohio Power Company

Phillip Dehainaut, 65, Gavin Plant, died August 2.

Phillip Earnest, 65, Kammer Plant, died August 25.

Dennis Johnson, 85, retired, Cook Coal Terminal, died August 3.

Roger Leifheit, 74, retired, Gavin Plant, died August 1.

Dominic Martino, 91, retired, Steubenville Service Center, died August 2.

Robert Wells, 86, retired, Lancaster Office Building, died August 21.

Public Service Company of Oklahoma

Rebecca Allen, 64, Mid Metro Office, died August 16.

Betty Colley, 88, retired, Tulsa General Office, died August 30.

F. L. Parker, 89, retired, Tulsa General Office, died July 16.

Frederick Yelton, 87, retired, Tulsa General Office, died August 8.

Southwestern Electric Power Company

George Vandyke, 82, retired, Shreveport General Office, died August 22.

Texas Central

Jesse Buentello, 65, Corpus Christi Office, died August 16.

James Potcinske, 83, retired, Corpus Christi Office, died July 27.

Agnes Wade, 82, retired, Corpus Christi Office, died July 26.

Texas North

Norma Caldwell, 97, retired, Abilene General Office, died July 6.

W.C. Rogers Jr., 90, retired, Abilene General Office, died August 4.

Wayne Wainscott, 91, retired, Abilene General Office, died August 28.


Larry Cook, 71, Energy Delivery Headquarters-Gahanna, died August. 26.

Roy Johnson, 73, Del Rio Service Center, died August 19.

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