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2018 Medical Plans for Over-Age-65 Retirees Include Many Advantages

by on September 7, 2017

AEP retirees who are age 65 and over will receive good news soon about medical plans from AEP that will replace their current medical plan coverage, with reduced participant contributions. The plans were designed to parallel our existing coverage options for retirees who currently receive medical coverage through a combination of traditional Medicare (parts A & B) and an AEP supplement plan, if elected.

These medical plans, effective January 1, 2018, are known as Group Medicare Advantage plans. The plans will continue to be offered through Aetna and are customized for and sponsored by AEP.  A transition to Group Medicare Advantage Plans allows AEP to better manage long-term costs while maintaining the overall value of coverage and service through retiree medical plans.  This change does not impact coverage for retirees who are under the age of 65.

The plans have many benefits for participants, including:

  • 2018 monthly medical plan premiums, for those over-age-65 retirees who have them, will be lower than in 2017.
  • The plans provide streamlined claims processing and participants will only need one card for medical coverage (current coverage requires two cards).
  • The plans will cover the same healthcare services received through AEP’s current plans.
  • Retirees maintain access to the same medical providers as in the current AEP plans.
  • Overall plan coverage levels for inpatient and outpatient care are the same as or better than the current AEP plans.
  • Pharmacy benefits remain unchanged and will continue to be administered by Express Scripts.
  • Participating retirees will have access to health and wellness programs and other features not offered through AEP’s current plans.

AEP and Aetna are working together to make the transition to these plans as seamless as possible and to provide retirees with detailed information on the plans and their many benefits. In addition to mailed information, AEP and Aetna will be hosting in-person meetings (throughout our territory), webinars and conference calls.  Retirees are encouraged to reach out to AEP’s dedicated support team at Aetna with any questions they have about their current plan or their transition to Group Medicare Advantage.

Active employees and retirees under the age of 65 are not eligible for the over-65 medical plan options.

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  1. My husband is covered under my plan and will turn 65 before I do. What do I need to do to ensure he is covered?

  2. When will complete information be available?

  3. Ken Drenten permalink

    Kathy, according to AEP Human Resources: The plan that you and your spouse are eligible for as a retiree is determined based on your age and not the age of your spouse. In the situation you describe, upon turning 65, your husband should enroll in Medicare Parts A & B. Medicare will become the primary payer for his claims and the AEP plan you are enrolled in will serve as a secondary plan as well as provide him with coverage for prescription drugs. Once you turn 65, you will both be transitioned to the over-age-65 plans available at that time. Thanks.

  4. Ken Drenten permalink

    @Bob – According to AEP Human Resources: Retirees involved in the transition will begin receiving very detailed information later this month about the Group Medicare Advantage plans. We will also post relevant information on as it becomes available.

  5. mymoseyneorrcom permalink

    My husband is the AEP Retiree over the age of 65 he will be going on the Medicare advantage plan for 2018. I am also covered on his plan but I am only 63, what plan options will I have for 2018?

  6. How do I contact someone by email to ask questions or is someone local I can talk to. I live in southern ohio..

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