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Making a Difference

by on June 20, 2017
Jeff Hancock (left) works out of the company’s Rocky Mount office. Jeff Richards is based in Roanoke. Photo courtesy of Tom Woodford.

(Story by Teresa Hall)

LYNCHBURG, Va. — An elderly Virginia man got the critical medical help he needed thanks to two observant Roanoke District employees. The workers’ story is one that not only demonstrates the power of teamwork, but also the caring side of Appalachian Power employees.

Jeff Hancock, MRO servicer II, was preparing to work a disconnect and mentioned the account to his colleague, Jeff Richards, a fellow MRO Servicer II.

Richards was familiar with the customer and told Hancock that he was elderly and possibly suffering from dementia.

When Hancock got to the Bedford County residence, he talked with the customer about his bill. “I deduced from the conversation that he did not fully understand what I was talking to him about,” Hancock said.

The man’s wife, who also was present in the home, did not seem to understand what was happening either. Hancock was deeply concerned about the couple’s health and safety, so he decided not to disconnect service and to seek help instead.

Hancock spotted the couple’s neighbors working outside and approached them about the situation.

“I was able to obtain contact information for the couple’s daughter and called her,” Hancock said. “She was thankful and informed me she would be on the way from D.C.

“She did not know things had gotten as bad as they were and was thankful for our help in letting her know and not disconnecting their electric service. She was able to settle the account and, more importantly, address the health concerns of her father,” Hancock said.

Later, Hancock ensured that a note was attached to the account and contacted Richards, who reached out to Tom Woodford, customer services account representative senior.  Woodford followed up with the daughter the next day to ensure she had everything she needed.

“This is clearly a situation where these guys were focused on doing the right thing,” said Woodford, who shared the employees’ story at a recent Nick’s Network meeting. “Jeff Hancock and Jeff Richards didn’t have to go the extra mile, but they did. And their actions made a difference in the lives of this couple and family, and demonstrated what it truly means to embrace the customer experience.”

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  1. Kudos to MRO employees, who deserve much credit for keeping an eye on their customers!

  2. Business can all too often become impersonal and uncaring. This story deoonstrates just the opposite. Great teamwork from the guys in the Roanoke District.

  3. What a wonderful story. Thanks to these employees for their compassion and concern those folks.

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