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Winchester Lineman Saves Father’s Life

by on April 25, 2017
Todd Gordon (right) was very appreciative that his son, Josh, knew CPR and took action when he suffered cardiac arrest during a basketball game.

(Story by Erica Putt)

On April 12, Winchester Line Mechanic Josh Gordon was playing basketball at the YMCA with his father. Josh’s father, Todd Gordon, also is an Indiana Michigan Power Company employee who works in the Muncie, Ind., telecom department.

While they were playing, Todd suffered sudden cardiac arrest and had to be resuscitated.

“We played the whole first half and were starting the second half. I was running down the court, turned around and saw him fall down to the ground, so I didn’t know what was going on,” Josh said.

When Josh rushed to his father’s aide he says he was having trouble breathing.

“He quit breathing so I turned him over on his back and went ahead and started CPR,” Josh said.

He continued CPR until someone offered to take over so Josh could call his mother.  When asked where he learned CPR, Josh says he completed training at the Winchester Service Center.

“Zero Harm is important on and off the job. Without the safety culture and standard we have, and what we expect from our employees, this incident could have had a much more catastrophic outcome,” said Ed Roberts, Winchester distribution supervisor.

We are happy to report that Todd is doing well and will soon be able to resume normal activities.

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