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AEP Unveils New Logos, Repositions for the Future

by on March 8, 2017
At today’s Leadership Summit, Nick Akins, AEP chairman, president and chief executive officer, announced a new company brand, including a new position, vision, mission, logo and tagline.

(Story by Betsy Sewell)

At today’s Leadership Summit in Tulsa, Okla., Nick Akins, AEP chairman, president and chief executive officer, announced a new company brand, including a new position, vision, mission, logo and tagline.

The process began a year ago when Akins, along with the executive team, initiated a review to learn how the company should position itself to ensure future success and meet customers’ expectations.

“I asked Corporate Communications to start examining our brand and to help position us to become an energy company of the future,” said Akins.

At the summit, Teresa McWain, director, Corporate Communications, discussed the results of the effort.

“Over the last year, we conducted extensive customer research to inform our recommendations which culminated in repositioning the company and, ultimately, creating a reinvigorated identity to help propel AEP into the future,” said McWain.

In addition to gaining feedback from customers, leaders at every operating company shared perspectives about the future of energy, the state of the AEP and operating company brand, as well as customer relationships. The work informed a new corporate brand position as well as vision and mission statements. Akins said that he’s proud of the history of our company and that the new position of our brand builds upon our history and will move us forward for decades to come.

“Together, with our customers and within every one of our communities, we’re working to create the energy company of the future,” said McWain. “This statement will serve as an internal guide to help maintain focus on the brand and inform decisions across all business units.”

Akins and McWain then unveiled vision and mission statements to communicate our position externally. These statements demonstrate to customers, communities and to each employee our aspirations.

The new logo style will be reflected in each AEP operating company and business unit logo, as well.


Powering a new and brighter future for our customers and communities.


Together, with our customers, we are redefining the future of energy and developing innovative solutions that power communities and improve lives.

Building upon the foundation of the new position, vision and mission, McWain explained that the brand look and feel would also change, beginning with an evolved logo and tagline that unite us as one company.

“We need a look that embodies the spirit of our new position,” said McWain. “The logo, along with the tagline — Boundless Energy — shows our customers and communities that we are committed to progress and our energy to succeed is boundless.”

“This logo evolution gives a nod to our past and shows that we’re one unified company. Together, we’re moving forward,” said Akins. “I want all employees to join me in becoming a brand ambassador of the company because we’re the builders and keepers of the brand. As you work each day, think of our vision and mission to help guide your efforts. Let’s show that we approach our work with our customers in mind and do so with boundless energy.”

The rollout of the new brand will occur over time, with digital properties and corporate advertising changing immediately.

View the “Brand Essence” video.

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