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by on September 21, 2016

AEP River Operations

David Bays, 78, River Transportation Division, died August 2.

AEP Service Corporation

Joseph Graham, 73, Telecommunications, died August 22.

Bill Harbour, 81, retired, AEP Headquarters, died August 6.

Pamela Jordan, 59, AEP Headquarters, died July 31.

Atleatha Knight, 63, Central Operations Center, died July 20.

Kala Seidu, 72, retired, AEP Headquarters, died August 12.

Appalachian Power Company

James Alford, 91, retired, Central Machine Shop, died July 29.

Thelma Hairston, 71, retired, Princeton Service Center, died August 3.

Kathryn Harris, 52, Hurricane Call Center, died August 16.

John Jones, 71, retired, Kanawha River Plant, died August 19.

Adalee Lynch, 78, retired, Mountaineer Plant, died August 12.

Columbus Southern Power Company

Glen Miller, 91, retired, 850 Tech Center, died July 8.

Phyllis Yurjevic, 86, retired, Conesville Plant, died August 4.

Indiana Michigan Power Company

Keith Boros, 36, Cook Nuclear Plant, died August 26.

Leonard Grossman, 79, retired, Tanners Creek Plant, died August 7.

Robert Hill, 92, retired, Marion Service Center, died July 20.

Wayne Thompson, 87, retired, Spy Run Service Center, died July 20.

Paul Wiegand, 94, retired, Tanners Creek Plant, died August 26.

Ohio Power Company

Russell Duncan, 89, retired, Kammer Plant, died August 21.

Gene Hill, 77, retired, Findlay Office, died July 18.

Walter Schaad, 68, Muskingum River Plant, died August 21.

Alyce Welsh, 88, retired, Zanesville Office, died August 25.

Public Service Company of Oklahoma

Gary DeVore, 60, Tulsa Power Station, died August 16.

Allan Haugen, 78, retired, Tulsa General Office, died August 1.

Joe Houtz, 71, Lawton Operations Center, died August 27.

Southwestern Electric Power Company

James Downs, 86, retired, Shreveport General Office, died August 5.

Walter Mitchell, 75, retired, Fayetteville Service Center, died August 2.

William White, 89, retired, Shreveport General Office, died August 13.

Texas Central

Lupe Garcia, 85, retired, Corpus Christi Office, died August. 11.

Ignacio Hernandez, 64, Pharr North Service Center, died August 11.

Texas North

Sandra Huskey, 71, retired, Grant Building, died August 6.

Jack Price, 61, Rotan Office, died August 18.

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