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New Video Provides Tips for Using Health Navigator Tool

by on May 16, 2016

Since Health Navigator was introduced to AEP in January, AEP participants (AEP employees and pre-65 retirees) have conducted nearly 5,600 searches per week on average. Top searches include primary care services for adults, sore throat, colonoscopies and lab tests.

Health Navigator, which is provided by Castlight, provides estimated costs for a wide range of medical procedures, along with maps to providers, quality ratings and more. Health Navigator helps you:

  • Find medical care near where you live;
  • Learn about an upcoming test or procedure;
  • Compare costs and quality for doctors, hospitals and other facilities; and
  • Know what to expect before, during and after medical procedures.


What you should know about medical prices in Health Navigator

AEP participants have provided important feedback about their experiences using Health Navigator. Many expected the costs shown in Health Navigator to be as precise as an online shopping website.  But medical pricing is much more complicated than consumer goods. So the prices you see in Health Navigator are actually estimates, and sometimes ranges are shown.

Why is this? No single entity houses all medical cost data across the wide range of medical procedures, specialties and providers. Plus, this data is constantly changing with new procedures, treatment options, and technologies.

It may be helpful to think of Health Navigator as a guide to your decisions, by providing a combination of estimated costs, quality of care, and convenience for the health care providers near you. In the spirit of maximizing your health care dollars, we encourage you to contact the provider for an even more precise estimate of pricing that applies to your procedure or service. In addition, Health Navigator continues to be updated with data from AEP network providers in order to continually enhance employees’ experiences in using the tool with additional locations, prices, providers and more.

Your feedback is invited

We want to continue hearing about your experiences with Health Navigator. Castlight, working in partnership with AEP Human Resources, has enhanced Health Navigator with a feature that allows you to provide feedback about your experience directly to Castlight. Visit to share your story.

Find more information about available tools and resources at In addition, more information will be provided on AEP Now (available to active employees only) and AEP Retirees & Alumni (available to retirees and employees) in coming months about using Health Navigator and other tools to help you make the most of your consumer-directed health care plan.

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