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Express Scripts offers new Extended Payment Program

by on February 9, 2016

Express Scripts, AEP’s prescription drug administrator, has created a new way to help you manage your costs under the home delivery program, the Extended Payment Program (EPP).

EPP allows you to spread your payments for home delivered prescriptions over three credit card or debit card installments rather than requiring a single payment. Your medication will be shipped after the first payment.

After enrollment in EPP, the program will apply to every home delivery prescription for you and your eligible dependents going forward. If at any point you wish to opt out of the program, you may call Member Services at 1-800-841-3045, or visit

What to know about EPP

  • If you enroll in EPP, a credit card or debit card must be available for Express Scripts to charge the installment payment.
  • If you decide to cancel EPP at any time, payment for the remainder of your current prescriptions will be your responsibility.
  • If the payment plan ends, invoices incurred while enrolled in EPP will continue to be charged in three installments. New invoices will require your regular co-payments in full.


To learn more about EPP, visit and go to “Edit payment information” from the drop-down menu under “My Account” at the top of the page. Under “Your information,” select “Payment information.” Then select “Edit information.” Next to “Extended Payment Program,” you will see a link to view details about the program.

To enroll, call Member Services at 1-800-841-3045, or visit


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  1. To whom it may concern. Do you really think this is going to help? Last year I was paying 200.00 for 3 months of the same medication which does not have a generic brand. Now I am paying the full price of 1,179.00. It is my understanding that it is Express Scripts that decides the cost of the medications in your pharmacy. At the meeting where the new plan was discussed, we were told it might go up a little. Somehow, I don’t think 979.00 is a little. Plus the service on my first prescription was unacceptable.
    What will help people is to lower your price to a reasonable cost. This “spread out” your payment service should have been implemented at the beginning of the new year not after consumers see the “new” cost of their prescription. I am sure there were many shocked and upset people. I am thankful I still have a job. I feel for those who are struggling to pay for their prescription just because AEP decided to change our insurance company!

  2. Before our plan changed one of my husband’s medication’s through Express Scripts was $864.00 for a 90 day supply but with insurance we paid $173.00. Now that our plan changed we are being billed the full $864.00. I believe this is because there is not a generic for this medication. I called Express Scripts and was told it was because they changed their pharmacy, which of course sounds like a complete lie since the price of the medication stayed the same. There is something amiss here since our plan changed with medications that do not have generics. Who can help us?

  3. I finally figured this out. I am a retiree and did not attend a meeting so I did not realize until I found the information on the Express Scripts website that now we pay the full amount for medications until the deductible is met, then our cost is 15% unless it would be a medication that there is a generic for and we did not obtain the generic. Relieved to know this will not be ongoing for the entire year and of course it is always comforting to get wrong information when speaking with a customer service representative. UGH

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