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Take charge of your health care with new tools provided by AEP

by on January 13, 2016
The new Plug In to Benefit section of the AEP HealthHUB website, with many new resources and features to assist with 2016 medical plans,  is now available.

From office visits to hospital stays, health care can be expensive and inconvenient — but with two new powerful tools now provided to AEP employees and pre-65 retirees, it doesn’t have to be.

Today, AEP employees and pre-65 retirees can access the new Plug In to Benefit section of the AEP HealthHUB website, as well as the new Health Navigator* tool. Both are being provided to allow participants to get the most from their 2016 health care plans.

  • To access AEP HealthHUB’s new features, simply go to — no password is required, and the site includes updated tools, resources and information that you will find valuable as you use your medical plan. AEP HealthHUB is mobile-enhanced to allow you to access its features on the go.
  • To access Health Navigator, activate your account to find the most affordable high-quality doctors, hospitals, and services in your area.


In the newly updated AEP HealthHUB, you will find information to help you make the most of your medical plan in 2016. Among the new features are complete user guides for each of the medical plans — HRA, HSA Plus, and HSA Basic. You’ll also find convenient ways to find out more about and to access consumer health care tools, including Health Navigator.

AEP has partnered with Castlight, a leading health technology company, to provide Health Navigator, a personalized tool that provides all the information you need to make health care decisions that are as healthy for your wallet as they are for you.

Take charge of your health care today with Health Navigator delivered by Castlight. Health Navigator is a personalized tool for making wise health care decisions.

With Health Navigator, you can:

  • Compare prices and patient ratings of nearby doctors, pharmacies, hospitals, prescriptions, and medical services.
  • See personalized cost estimates that take into account your specific health plan and how much you’ve paid toward your deductible.
  • Manage and save money on your prescriptions by comparing prescription prices at pharmacies near you.
  • Review step-by-step explanations of past medical and pharmacy spending so you know how much you paid and why.
  • Learn more about your medical plan so you know what’s covered and what’s not.


Get started with Health Navigator today at or download the mobile app at Have questions? Call a Castlight Guide at 1-866-259-4428.


* Note: Active employees covered by Anthem can register for Health Navigator by January 31 to be entered into a drawing to win one of 20 Fitbits. This incentive is available only to employees participating in an AEP medical plan administered by Anthem. The incentive is not available to pre-65 or over-65 retirees, or employees participating in a non-Anthem plan.

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