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Employee shares stroke experience, credits posters

by on December 7, 2015
IT employee Rick Dorman with one of the posters outlining stroke symptoms at 1 Riverside Plaza.

Photo by: Ken Drenten

Rick Dorman, IT software developer lead, has seen and read a lot of posters for a variety of health and safety messages in his 12 years of working at AEP.

One of those posters he remembers seeing, outlining the symptoms of a stroke, may have saved his life.

Driving to work in Columbus on September 21, he suddenly felt “a numbness, a tingly feeling, then an instant headache, and blurred vision,” he said.

Immediately he recognized the signs of a stroke. “I know it was a stroke, because I had seen posters identifying the warning signs of stroke at AEP, so I knew what the symptoms were,” he said. “And I knew what to do.”

When the sensations came over him, he was within sight of Riverside Methodist Hospital in Columbus, so he drove himself up to the emergency room entrance and walked in. “It was funny, though, because I tried to walk in a straight line, but I kept veering off in one direction — I couldn’t walk straight.”

Medical personnel at the ER recognized his speech was slurred as well, and began immediate treatment. Fortunately, his hospital stay was brief and the effects of his stroke were minimal.

The next day, as Dorman was in his hospital room, the head neurologist told him that if Dorman had not gotten medical treatment as quickly as he did, his results might not have been what they were. He attributes that to the posters he saw outlining stroke symptoms.

Since that day, he has taken steps to reduce his risk of another stroke. He stopped smoking, began exercising on a stationary bicycle for a half-hour a day, changed his diet, is taking blood pressure medication and is on a daily low-dose aspirin regimen. “It’s just common sense stuff, really,” he said. “I’m a lot more aware of what I’m doing.”

“Take a few moments and read these signs,” he said. “The life they save might be yours.”


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