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Barton discusses the need for transmission upgrades on CNBC

by on August 20, 2015

(Story by Kenneth J. Walker)

Lisa Barton, executive vice president – AEP Transmission, was interviewed for a story on CNBC-TV’s “Power Lunch” show Aug. 18 that used video of the new Breakthrough Overhead Line Design or BOLDTM.

Lisa Barton, executive vice president – AEP Transmission, discussed transmission issues Aug. 18 during CNBC’s “Power Lunch” show.

The story, a part of CNBC’s “The Race to Rebuild America’s Infrastructure” series, reviewed what is driving the growth of the transmission business, from aging infrastructure to coal plant retirements, and the fact that AEP will be spending $4 billion dollars over the next five years to build new lines and upgrade parts of its existing 40,000 mile  transmission system.

View the video segment. 

With the Fort Wayne Sorenson Station project behind her and video of the nearby BOLD line construction, Barton said, “Projects like this do a lot to improve reliability, they do a lot to ensure that we can withstand the loss of any components in the transmission system. That’s important to large customers.”

The reporter, Jackie DeAngelis, tagged Barton’s soundbite with, “because when it comes to turning the lights on, reliability is the name of the game.”

The story also used video of contractors building a new 765-kV line from Sorenson Station south to the Dumont-Marysville 765-kV line.

The first application of BOLD’s unique design (shown at right) is the rebuild of a 138-kV line with a hybrid 345/138- kV line near Fort Wayne, Indiana. The first double-circuit 345-kV application of BOLD will be a line rebuild between AEP’s Meadow Lake and Reynolds stations in northern Indiana with an in-service date of June 2018. The BOLD website has more on its unique design and engineering advantages, including greater capacity, less line loss and 33 percent less structure height. The commercialization of BOLD’s patented technology is currently under development.

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