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AEP retiree, employees help build houses for Habitat for Humanity

by on August 19, 2015

dalekAEP Transmission retiree Dale Krummen (above) takes aim with a caulk gun while rehabbing a home in Columbus, Ohio. Krummen, an engineer who held several leadership positions during his AEP Transmission career, now helps other AEP volunteers refurbish homes for Habitat for Humanity.

Krummen has restored many Habitat for Humanity homes in Ohio and abroad. This summer, two dozen AEP Transmission volunteers have been assisting an AEP effort to restore a small family home in Columbus’ south side. In July, Bill Turns (below left), a technician in Transmission Planning, affixed “blueboard” insulation while others framed windows and installed plumbing. Below at right, Lisa Barton, executive vice president of AEP Transmission and wielder of a nail gun that Saturday, briefs Bob Wagner, vice president of Transmission Field Services, on his tasks for the day. AEP has sponsored the restoration of a Central Ohio home for more than 17 years. AEP employees who wish to participate in the restoration effort can contact George Sharp at or audinet 8-200-6933. Story by Stephen J. Ostrander and photos by  George Sharp.

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