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New Albany Data Center building is complete; focus shifts to migration of servers and applications

by on March 17, 2015
Chris Crosby (left), chief executive officer of Compass Datacenters, hands the keys to the New Albany Data Center to Ram Sastry, AEP vice president – Infrastructure & Business Continuity. Photo courtesy of Compass Datacenters.

(Story by Tom Holliday)

AEP has formally taken ownership of the company’s new corporate data center building in New Albany, Ohio.

Matt Forshey, Workplace Project & Business Services manager, “received the keys” to the new building March 15 as scheduled in the project plan. “It’s taken a lot of planning and hard work to complete everything on schedule, but in the end, we were able to meet our commitments and finish the building on schedule,” said Forshey.

At this point, the building is now ready for the real work to begin – the migration of some 3,000 business applications and servers from the company’s current data center in the 1 Riverside Plaza building to the new facility. The migration will begin in late June and continue through the end of the year.

According to Pat Collins, director — IT Corporate, who is managing the program, some preparatory work is already under way. “We’ll actually start moving some foundational IT infrastructure and applications immediately to begin preparing for the core migration activities in the latter half of the year,” he said. The migrations are planned to take place over 10 weekends between June and December.

A change management team is already implementing a plan to share information on an ongoing basis with AEP’s business units about the timing and details surrounding the migration of their specific applications.

AEP broke ground ]on the new $19.6 million facility last August as one aspect of the company’s response to the power and data interruptions that occurred Feb. 28, 2014. The new 24,000-square-foot facility is designed to improve the reliability and resiliency of AEP’s IT infrastructure. Compass Datacenters, a Dallas, Texas-based firm that specializes in the construction of data centers for corporate customers, was engaged to build the new center.

Forshey indicated that before the major migration gets under way, plans are being developed to allow employees to tour the facility. “We are still working on the details but we’d like to give our employees in central Ohio an opportunity to see the building before we need to secure it for the migration activity,” he said.

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