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Participation is key to policy outcomes

by on August 29, 2014

(Story by Tammy Ridout)

Working in the nation’s capital, the staff at AEP’s Washington office is constantly immersed in the latest policy debates – on topics ranging from environmental regulations to tax law to health care. They are also keenly aware of the impact AEP employees, contractors and retirees can have on shaping those policy outcomes.


“The knowledge and passion of AEP’s work force and our retirees comes through loud and clear to lawmakers,” said Tony Kavanagh, senior vice president of governmental affairs in the Washington office. “That’s why it is important that more AEP employees, contractors and retirees get involved in our policy efforts, including our most recent campaign, We Stand for Energy. I hope everyone will sign up and stay informed of the industry-wide issues we are facing that will affect our customers and our company.”

Employees, contractors and retirees are urged to join this online community and help share the industry’s critical messages with policy makers at the state and national levels.

“Members of Congress need to hear from the public and especially from those who are responsible for providing the safe, reliable and affordable electricity that powers our economy,” Kavanagh said. “Whether it’s by voting in the election, participating in AEP’s political action committees, sending a letter to lawmakers about a specific issue or sharing stories about the value of electricity in our communities, our engagement in the political and policy making process is critically important to our future.”

Kavanagh added that employees, contractors and retirees will have an upcoming opportunity to share AEP’s messages with the U.S. EPA and members of Congress on the EPA’s proposed Carbon Pollution Guidelines for Existing Power Plants before the public comment period ends Oct. 16. Employees should look for more information on that campaign in September.

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