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AEP joins Corporate Angel Network to support cancer patients

by on December 18, 2013
A young cancer patient and her companion prepare to board a flight arranged by the Corporate Angel Network. Photo courtesy of Corporate Angel Network.

(Story by Pamela Busby)

AEP Aviation recently joined more than 550 other corporations who transport cancer patients to life-prolonging treatment as part of the Corporate Angel Network (CAN). Established more than 30 years ago, the network has provided 40,000 free flights to patients of all ages.

“Being part of the Corporate Angel Network is a tremendous opportunity for AEP to provide a much needed service to people in the communities we serve,” said Dennis Welch, EVP and Chief External Officer.

According to CAN, flying on corporate aircraft allows patients to save the expense of commercial tickets and avoid large crowds which can pose a danger to patients with immune system deficiencies. Patients can also fly with a family member or a companion.

CAN handles all arrangements: identifies available seats on a regularly scheduled corporate flight, secures executive approval, and notifies the patient. There is no additional cost to the company to accommodate a patient’s transportation.

“Helping cancer patients and their loved ones get to treatment facilities—what better way to fill a seat that might otherwise go unused,” Welch added.

Services are available to cancer patients or bone marrow donors or recipients. And while there are no age or financial qualifications, patients must meet the following criteria:

  • Traveling for treatment, consultation, or a check- up.
  • Traveling to a recognized treatment center.
  • Able to walk up the steps of a corporate aircraft unassisted.
  • Not in need of oxygen, IV or any medical help on board.

CAN is a public charity supported entirely by contributions from individuals, foundations and corporations. If you or a family member is in need of this service or you would like to make a donation or volunteer, contact the Corporate Angel Network at 914-328-1313 or email

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