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Improved support for military employees effective May 1

by on July 9, 2013
U.S. Army Reservists with a military intelligence battalion train in searching a simulated enemy vehicle during required military training exercises.Photo: U.S. Army

As part of a number of recently announced benefits adjustments, AEP is improving its support for employees who serve in the military. To better support these employees, when they are off work for required training, AEP will make up the difference between military pay and their AEP base wage – up to 10 days each calendar year (capped at 84 hours per year, depending on the employee’s regular work schedule).

“AEP is proud of our employees who serve in the military and appreciates the sacrifices they make to serve our country,” said Tracy Elich, vice president – Human Resources. “This benefit adds to the many ways that AEP supports its employees who are called up for active duty and those who must periodically participate in reserve training activities.”

The military pay differential benefit is available retroactive to May 1, 2013. To take advantage of this benefit, employees who qualify should report their absence through the Absence Reporting Form found in the A-Z index on AEP Now. Select the leave type as Military (non-FMLA) and indicate “training” in the brief description field.

Employees will need to provide a copy of their required military training orders as well as a current military pay statement to confirm eligibility for the pay differential when the required absence is reported.

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