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April/May Obituaries

by on June 18, 2013

AEP Headquarters

Alan Peterson, 74, retired, AEP Headquarters, died May 28.

Ronald Petti, 80, retired, AEP Headquarters, died May 8.

Appalachian Power

Samuel Brown, 91, retired, Kanawha River Plant, died May 10.

William Collins, 86, retired, Roanoke Service Center, died May 4.

Christopher Cottle, 41, Amos Plant, died May 8.

Grover Ham, 76, retired, Roanoke Main Office, died May 7.

Ollie Nunnery, 92, retired, Bluefield (W.Va.) Service Center, died May 22.

Eugene Rasnake, 95, retired, Lebanon Service Center, died May 21.

Gertrude Ricks, 82, retired, Charleston Office, died May 1.

Columbus Southern Power

Jackson Braithwaite, 77, retired, 850 Tech Center, died May 15.

Indiana Michigan Power

Ellis Adams, 96, retired, One Summit Square, died April 30.

James Belot, 86, retired, Spy Run Service Center, died May 22.

Jerry Hines, 74, retired, Winchester Service Center, died May 8.

Chester Matherly, 87, retired, Elkhart Service Center, died May 12.

Dennis Moore, 66, South Bend Service Center, died May 16.

Wilho Roy, 89, retired, One Summit Square, died May 8.

Ohio Power

Joey Conine, 49, Fostoria Service Center, died May 25.

James Mercer, 79, retired, Mitchell Plant, died May 27.

Samuel Stotler, 81, retired, Steubenville Service Center, died May 22.

Edward Stupak, 84, retired, Windsor Coal Company, died May 6.

Michael Szerbaty, 90, retired, Cardinal Plant, died May 10.

Public Service Company of Oklahoma

Melba Biggs, 83, retired, Tulsa General Office, died May 18.

Merl Lindburg, 87, retired, Tulsa General Office, died May 17.

Robert Pierce Jr., 57, Tulsa General Office, died May 21.

Texas Central

Leopoldo Perez Jr., 80, retired, Corpus Christi Office, died April 22.

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