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Home delivery prescription packaging may look different; medications the same

by on April 25, 2013

AEP employees who receive medications through the Express Scripts home delivery pharmacy service may notice a change to their prescription bottle and the packaging it comes in. This is because medications may originate from either an Express Scripts Pharmacy or a Medco Pharmacy beginning Wednesday, May 1.

Medco is part of the Express Scripts family of home delivery pharmacies.

Medications will still undergo the same rigorous processes for safety and accuracy.
Mail order prescription delivery customers will receive a reminder of this change with medication deliveries.
You may notice: 
  • Different prescription bottles – Express Scripts prescription bottles are orange and Medco bottles are white. Medication may also be dispensed in the manufacturer’s packaging instead of a prescription bottle.
  • Different labels – while the content on the labels is the same, the type style and layout may be different.

Here are some questions and answers about the changes:  

Q. Why is my medication coming from a different pharmacy?
A. You may now get your prescription from an Express Scripts Pharmacy or from a Medco Pharmacy, depending on a number of factors, including weather, supply, or proximity of the pharmacy to your home.
Q. Why does my prescription bottle/packaging look different?
A. Express Scripts is now shipping from both Express Scripts and Medco pharmacies, so you may notice some changes to the color, shape, and cap of your prescription bottle and the packaging it’s shipped in. There are no changes to your medications and they are being filled and shipped as safely and accurately as they have in the past.

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