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People can now click ‘like’ for electrical safety

by on November 14, 2012
A new AEP Safety page on Facebook has been created, joining an AEP Safety YouTube page. Twitter and LinkedIn will also be used to help spread AEP safety messages.

Click “like” if you think electrical safety is important. That’s the hope behind a more robust public safety social media strategy aimed at reaching more audiences with important electrical safety information.

To start, an AEP Safety Facebook page has been created to allow sharing of electrical safety videos and messages. In addition, a YouTube channel, composed of several playlists, to house all of AEP’s electrical safety videos was created. In the near future, Twitter and LinkedIn also will be used to help spread messages.

“We’ve used our corporate and operating company Facebook pages to promote public safety, and will continue to do so, but having channels dedicated solely to electrical safety will help us accomplish several goals,” explained Ann Marie Keifer, manager – Public Safety.

The goals include:

  1. Engaging in two-way conversations about electrical safety with appropriate professional and trade groups, unions and organizations.
  2. Strengthening relationships with targeted audiences.
  3. Developing a reputation as industry experts regarding electrical safety for our targeted audiences.

Target audiences include:

  1. Leadership and communicators for professional and trade associations and organizations whose members may have contact with electrical facilities and wires.
  2. Front-line workers who may come in contact with AEP electrical facilities and wires.
  3. Federal and state safety agencies and organizations.

“To help create awareness, share messages and ultimately, reach more audiences, employees who have personal Facebook pages can search for AEP Safety and ‘like’ the page,” said Keifer.

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