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‘Wasted Energy’ is theme of new AEP Ohio energy efficiency advertising campaign

by on August 1, 2012

(Story by Carmen Prati-Miller and Deborah White)

“Energy is precious. Let’s not waste it.” That’s the new tagline for AEP Ohio’s new advertising campaign recently launched on television, radio, billboards, digital and print media.

“In all media other than radio, the campaign features an iconic visualization of something customers cannot visualize — wasted energy,” said Terri Flora, AEP Ohio director – Corporate Communications. “Our radio ads provide comic sound effects that portray wasted energy. While light-hearted, the ads provide a solid message about AEP Ohio’s appliance rebate program and the benefits of purchasing new ENERGY STAR® appliances.”

Print ad featuring an old clothes washer surrounded by piles of wasted energy. (Engauge photo for AEP Ohio)

Additional goals of the campaign are to help educate customers about ways they can stop wasting energy and important information they can find on the company’s residential energy efficiency website

The products featured in the campaign include ENERGY STAR® certified compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs, refrigerators, freezers, dehumidifiers and clothes washers.

Television and print ads feature new ‘wasted energy’ icon
TV commercials and print ads include incandescent light bulbs, old clothes washers, refrigerators, freezers and dehumidifiers surrounded by piles of wasted energy.

Everyday scenarios, such as a homeowner leaving lights and the television on to keep a pet company or an old refrigerator oozing wasted energy, help bring the ads to life.

Radio commercials feature ‘Wasted Energy Theater’
These commercials, reminiscent of an old-time radio theater, are memorable and attention-getting. The radio announcer explains, since you can’t see it, the part of “wasted energy” will be played by quirky sound effects like the squeak of a rubber ducky or the crowing of a rooster.

The three-year ad campaign was created and produced by Engauge of Columbus, in partnership with AEP Ohio Corporate Communications.

Visit to learn how you can get rebates when you switch to ENERGY STAR® certified products.

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