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Conesville Coal Prep Plant to close, to be offered for sale

by on January 20, 2012
Conesville Coal Preparation Plant is shown above in a file photo.
(Story by Vikki Michalski)
CONESVILLE, Ohio – In early 2001, it was recognized as the “best of the best” when it was awarded the former AEP Fuel Supply’s coveted Homecoming Award and an AEP Chairman’s Award for outstanding safety performance.
Its safety performance has continued since then, and on March 1, 2011, it completed 17 years without a lost-time accident (LTA).
“It” is Conesville Coal Preparation Plant — an AEP Ohio facility that has been washing coal for power plants since January 1985. This year, the facility — which historically washed about 3 million tons of coal annually — will be closed and offered for sale.
Operations at the facility will stop, perhaps by the end of January. Most recently, the prep plant washed coal from eastern and southeastern Ohio for nearby [Conesville Power Plant].
“AEP is selling the Conesville Prep Plant because alternative sources are being used to wash the coal used at Conesville Plant,” said [Jim Henry], vice president – Fuel Emissions and Logistics, Operations and Mining.
“Employees have been aware of the closure plans for some time,” Henry said. “Several already have transferred to other AEP facilities, and those who do not transfer will be given severance packages.”
The facility had approximately 22 employees when fully operational. A small staff will remain on site for security and maintenance.
Following is a snapshot of important events in the plant’s history:
  • 1985: Commissioned as part of the now former Columbus Southern Power (CSP) Company.
  • 1988: Plant began offering coal washing and related services to nonaffiliated companies.
  • 1988: Plant suffered its first fatality.
  • 1996: Achieved zero lost-time and recordable incidents.
  • 1997: Second consecutive year without lost-time or recordable incident.
  • 1999: Automated truck dumping system added to accommodate increased truck volume.
  • 1999: Truck rollover protection system installed.
  • 1999: Water only cyclone circuit was replaced with a heavy media circuit to improve product quality.
  • 2000: Set new records in productivity, production and costs.
  • 2001: Marked seven years without a lost-time accident.
  • 2001: Awarded Fuel Supply Homecoming Award for safety performance.
  • 2007: Second truck scale added.
  • 2007: Weighing system automated to improve efficiency.
  • 2011: Marked 17 years without LTA.

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