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Annual benefits enrollment set for Oct. 19-Nov. 2

by on October 6, 2011

This year’s AEP benefits annual enrollment period begins October 19, 2011, and goes through November 2, 2011. Barring a qualifying life event, this represents your only opportunity to change your benefit plan elections for 2012. Like in previous annual enrollments, this is a “passive” enrollment process, meaning that if you take no action, you will be automatically enrolled in the same coverage you have as of December 31, 2011, if available, covering the same eligible dependents.

You’ll be receiving your 2012 Annual Enrollment Guide soon via U.S. mail to your home address.

Benefit Plan Changes for 2012

Below are highlights of the changes that will be effective beginning January 1, 2012.

Medical Plan

Prescription Drug Program – The following changes will apply to the Aetna Open Choice/Open Access and FirstCare HMO (retirees under age 65) medical plan options, as well as the Aetna MOB and COB (retirees age 65 and older) plans.

Coinsurance and Maximums:

• Increase non-preferred brand-name drug coinsurance from 20% to 35% for both retail and mail order;

• Increase non-preferred brand-name drug retail maximum from $100 to $200; and

• Increase non-preferred brand-name drug mail order maximum from $200 to $300.

The following changes will apply to all the medical plan options:

Preferred Drug Step Therapy (PDST) Program: In an effort to continue to significantly lower drug costs for you and the company through decreased use of expensive, nonpreferred brand-name drugs, the PDST program will be expanded to include certain medications in the Hypnotics and Glaucoma drug classes. This change is designed to substitute lower cost generic or preferred brand-name drugs where appropriate. Those who currently take one of these non-preferred brand-name drugs will receive a letter from Medco before the end of the year that will provide instructions for obtaining alternative medication that will be covered under the plan.

Prior Authorization Program: Additional prior authorization programs will be implemented for certain rare specialty and non-specialty drug classes where drugs may be prescribed for treatments with questionable effectiveness or when safety issues may be created. The program will require a coverage review questionnaire to be completed by the participant’s physician before some prescriptions may be filled.

Preventive Care Coverage Expanded: The AEP Comprehensive Medical Plan will expand preventive coverage to include more services and screenings as required by Health Care Reform. To see a complete list of preventive services, check your medical plan vendor’s website.

Note: Unless you are making changes or are a surviving spouse, you DO NOT need to send your paper enrollment form back to the AEP Human Resources Service Center. For more information or questions, contact the HR Service Center at 1-888-237-2363. From October 3 through November 11, the HR Service Center’s hours of operation will be 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Eastern Time, Monday through Friday, to better serve your needs.

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