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AEP ReCreation Land hosts thousands each year

by on August 4, 2011

(Story by Jeff Rennie)

MCCONNELSVILLE, Ohio — Many thousands of people each year enjoy outdoor activities at AEP’s ReCreation Land, some 60,000 acres of AEP-owned reclaimed surface mine land in southeastern Ohio.

The company planted more than 63 million trees on the property and established more than 350 lakes and ponds. The area features 380 campsites that are available free to the public.

Young fishermen participate in the “Hooked on Fishing, Not on Drugs” program at Hook Lake in AEP ReCreation Land.

During the spring and summer months, more than 1,000 children and approximately 1,000 adults will participate in numerous outdoor events throughout the property. The activities range from various dog club trials to youth fishing, school physical education classes and scouting adventures. In addition, hundreds of families fill the free campsites each week during the summer months.

AEP’s reputation for providing a quality venue for outdoors activities is recognized throughout the eastern United States as some people travel hundreds of miles to participate in events or just simply relax.

“We have many visitors to our campground from neighboring states, some who have traveled several hundred miles,” said David Dingey, recreation programs administrator with AEP’s Real Estate Asset Management group. “People often comment on the beauty of the area, and very much appreciate AEP making these outdoors opportunities available.”

Various events are scheduled for the remainder of the year, including the AEP Employee and Retiree Trail Ride, Aug. 20-21, the National Wild Turkey Federation’s “Jake’s Day” on Sept. 17, where youngsters are taught outdoor recreation skills, and two controlled deer hunts for disabled persons.

“All of the activities keep us quite busy,” Dingey said, “but each one helps to confirm AEP’s reputation as an excellent steward of the environment.”

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