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January/February Obituaries

by on March 16, 2011

AEP Headquarters

Herman Cohn, 83, retired, AEP Headquarters, died Jan. 7.

Appalachian Power

Lewis Buchanan, 92, retired, Roanoke Main Office, died Jan. 7.

Albert Hodges, 80, retired, Huntington Office, died Jan. 1.

Joseph Manello, 44, John W. Vaughan Center, died Feb. 6.

Columbus Southern Power

Mark Borman, 53, Conesville Plant, died Feb. 18.

Matthew Tish, 38, Mound Street Service Center, died Jan. 20.

Indiana Michigan Power

Charles Dillon, 78, retired, Rockport Plant, died Jan. 19.

Terry Ferguson, 69, Dowagiac Service Center, died Jan. 3.

Kentucky Power

Oscar Hudson, 83, retired, Hazard Service Center, died Jan. 8.

Ohio Power

Cleta Bauman, 86, retired, Cambridge Office Building, died Jan. 13.

Ted Burns, 52, Canton General Service Center, died Feb. 4.

Chester Caldwell, 89, retired, Canton Eastern Regional Office, died Jan. 7.

Dennis Hall, 60, Muskingum River Plant, died Jan. 31.

Jerry Klies, 67, McConnelsville Service Center, died Jan. 10.

Southwestern Electric Power

William Reed, 65, Fayetteville Operations, died Feb. 1.

Texas Central

Bernard Neslony, 81, retired, Corpus Christi Office, died Jan. 5.

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