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December/January Obituaries

by on February 17, 2011

AEP River Operations

Don Johnson II, 45, AEP River Operations-Paducah, died Jan. 15.

Roger Rhodes, 42, AEP River Operations, died Jan. 25.

AEP Service Corporation

Herbert Alexander, 89, retired, AEP Headquarters, died Dec. 16.

Bernard Chodak, 87, retired, Rockefeller Center, died Dec. 17.

Alan Reed, 48, AEP Headquarters, died Dec. 15.

Appalachian Power

Melvin Brown, 96, retired, Fieldale Office, died Dec. 7.

Kim Clark, 52, Roanoke Main Office, died Jan. 6.

Harold Counts, 63, retired, Abingdon Service Center, died Dec. 31.

Richard Reese, 84, retired, Roanoke Service Center, died Jan. 8.

Clifford Smith, 92, retired, Roanoke Main Office, died Dec. 9.

Roger Stearns, 61, Mountaineer Plant, died Dec. 21.

Columbus Southern Power

Michael Liggett, 57, Conesville Plant, died Dec. 2.

Donald Scott, 80, retired, 850 Tech Center, died Jan. 11.

Joey Tackett, 55, Conesville Plant, died Jan. 12.

Indiana Michigan Power

Pearl Chambers, 81, retired, Breed Plant, died Dec. 27.

Ruth Culp, 75, retired, Elkhart Service Center, died Dec. 18.

John Jerger, 55, Rockport Plant, died Jan. 9.

Ohio Power

Donald Frame, 81, retired, Lima Service Center, died Dec. 29.

Linda Hudas, 67, Canton Eastern Regional Office, died Jan. 11.

Public Service Company of Oklahoma

Carl Underhill, 68, retired, Lawton Service Center, died Dec. 10.

Tommy Wagner, 66, retired, Wilburton Service Center, died Nov. 30.

Southwestern Electric Power

Paul Pursley, 43, Alliance, died Jan. 11.

Texas Central

Wendell Crutchfield, 90, retired, Corpus Christi Office, died Dec. 28.

Justo Gonzales, 81, retired, Corpus Christi Office, died Dec. 16.

Eugenia Juve, 85, retired, Corpus Christi Office, died Dec. 19.

Elder Schnitz, 82, retired, Corpus Christi Office, died Dec. 17.

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