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November/December Obituaries

by on January 19, 2011

Appalachian Power

Darrell Brown, 74, retired, Walgrove Service Center, died Dec. 6.

Timothy Mallan, 63, Bank One Building, died Dec. 26.

William McCoy, 53, North Charleston Service Center, died Dec. 12.

Columbus Southern Power

Steve Bond Jr., 84, retired, Picway Plant, died Nov. 18.

Indiana Michigan Power

Terry Abernathy, 63, Cook Nuclear Plant, died Dec. 11.

Clifford Bealor, 84, retired, South Bend Service Center, died Dec. 1.

Edwin Elliott, 88, retired, Marion Service Center, died Dec. 2.

Clarence Hendrickson, 84, retired, One Summit Square, died Dec. 2.

Robert Strohm, 88, retired, Muncie Service Center, died Nov. 5.

Kentucky Power

Bill Harris, 85, retired, Pikeville Service Center, died Dec. 7.

Ohio Power

James Flaherty, 89, retired, Cardinal Plant, died Dec. 10.

Joseph Kiser, 48, Portsmouth Service Center, died Dec. 25.

Public Service Company of Oklahoma

Floyd Barnes, 89, retired, Tulsa General Office, died Nov. 8.

Southwestern Electric Power

Martin Basquez, 47, Pirkey Plant, died Nov. 30.

Micheal Carter, 45, Shreveport Operations, died Dec. 15.

Texas Central

H.L. Herrmann, 90, retired, Corpus Christi Office, died Dec. 5.

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