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October Obituaries

by on November 18, 2010

AEP River Operations

David Dunlap, 42, AEP River Operations-Paducah, died Oct. 14.

AEP Service Corporation

Dorothy Hadley, 88, retired, Rockefeller Center, died Oct. 3.

Appalachian Power

William Dickason, 79, retired, Bluefield Office, died Oct. 4.

Velma Hatcher, 71, retired, Roanoke Main Office, died Oct. 6.

Guy Puckett, 85, retired, Clinch River Plant, died Sept. 27.

Charles Vanhoozier, 65, retired, Tazewell Service Center, died Oct. 18.

Columbus Southern Power

Clarence Baker, 86, retired, 850 Tech Center, died Oct. 16.

William Campbell, 68, retired, Athens Service Center, died Oct. 19.

Henry Crothers, 83, retired, Seaman Service Center, died Oct. 18.

Clarence Foreman, 80, retired, Conesville Plant, died Oct. 19.

Michael Gray, 67, retired, Chillicothe Transmission/Telecom, died Oct. 19.

Commercial Operations

Gregory Keenan, 50, Arena Building, died Oct. 18.

Indiana Michigan Power

Lawrence Britton, 89, retired, South Bend Service Center, died Oct. 18.

Thomas Grunwald, 60, St. Joseph Service Center, died Oct. 26.

Gary Wallace, 63, Cook Nuclear Plant, died Sept. 29.

Kentucky Power

Gary Bentley, 53, Whitesburg Office, died Oct. 24.

Ohio Power

Russell Casto Jr., 66, retired, Gavin Plant, died Oct. 17.

Donald Doyle, 84, retired, Canton Eastern Regional Office, died Sept. 24.

William Frederick, 93, retired, Canton Eastern Regional Office, died Oct. 16.

James Giannirakis, 87, retired, Cardinal Plant, died Oct. 12.

Doyle Gudakunst, 84, retired, Lima Service Center, died Oct. 20.

Eileen Kenney, 69, Canton Eastern Regional Office, died Oct. 4.

Ronald Moody, 71, retired, Cardinal Plant, died Sept. 30.

Public Service Company of Oklahoma

Pauline Giles, 81, retired, Tulsa General Office, died Oct. 19.

William Roberts, 62, Mid-Metro Office, died Oct. 23.

Woodrow Russey, 92, retired, Tulsa General Office, died Sept. 30.

Southwestern Electric Power

Freddie Black, 83, retired, Shreveport General Office, died Oct. 5.

Jimmy Kimbell, 71, retired, Welsh Plant, died Oct. 19.

Texas Central

W.S. Procter, 94, retired, Corpus Christi Office, died Oct. 18.

Texas North

A.G. Buchanan, 87, retired, Abilene General Office, died Oct. 12.

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