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SWEPCO celebrates new J. Lamar Stall Unit and its namesake

by on September 27, 2010

Former SWEPCO President and CEO J. Lamar Stall (left) and Brian Bond, SWEPCO vice president - External Affairs, are shown above. The two Stall combustion turbines are in the distance out the window.


SHREVEPORT — AEP and Southwestern Electric Power (SWEPCO) project team members, Sargent & Lundy and TIC contractors, a state utilities commissioner, community partners and J. Lamar Stall’s family joined in a celebration event recently for the commercial operation of the J. Lamar Stall Unit at Arsenal Hill.

Attendees were able to enjoy a view of the completed unit out the windows of the University Club in downtown Shreveport. The Stall Unit went on line June 16, with J. Lamar Stall, former SWEPCO president and chief executive officer, starting up the 508-megawatt combined cycle gas unit with the click of a mouse.

Venita McCellon-Allen, SWEPCO president and chief operating officer, introduced the speakers: Nick Akins, executive vice president – Generation; Bob Powers, president – AEP Utilities; Louisiana Public Service Commission member Foster Campbell; Mayor Lo Walker of Bossier City; Monty Walford, city councilman for downtown Shreveport, where the $433 million project is located, and Stall.

“A jewel has been put in place to serve SWEPCO’s customers,” said Akins. “We are proud of the heritage of naming SWEPCO plants after former CEOs, and this highly efficient unit with its outstanding heat rate is a tremendous value and benefit to customers.”

“The Stall Unit is the largest project ever within the city limits of Shreveport,” added Walford.

“Our community is a draw because of its reasonable rates provided by SWEPCO,” remarked Walker, who has been in local public service for 24 years and mayor since 2005.

When introducing Stall, McCellon-Allen emphasized the long tradition of respect he deserved among the SWEPCO and AEP family.

“I’m honored to see my name attached to the plant, but the real attention should be on the progress we have made this far to serve customers,” Stall said.

“Right decisions were made by management to build this plant and it’s a great asset to the community. Your primary focus should always be on taking care of business with your customers and you will be successful as a company. It’s an honor but I stand here as a ‘proxy’ to the 2,000 employees who did a great job during my 11 years as president from 1972-1983,” he said.

“The Stall Unit is a great investment in the local economy with its efficient and effective low cost power to the region,” added McCellon-Allen.

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