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1921 Distribution

by on August 3, 2010

The caption for this photograph in our corporate archive reads:
“Distribution, E Tuscarawas & Cherry Streets, Canton, 1921.”

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  1. johnabldgsvc permalink

    Just out of sight to the right (east) in the photo was the Wheeling & Lake Erie Rail Road crossing which is still there. Approximately 100 yards south along the tracks at Second Street South East (there are no First Streets in Canton) was the Canton Steam Plant. The Canton Steam Plant was used as a peaking plant until the beginning of World War II when the difficulty of obtaining an adequate water supply from wells and the abundant power provided by the industry cutting edge 133 KV lines from Windsor and Philo made the plant unnecessary and uneconomical. The plant, using natural gas fired boilers, did provide steam heat to buildings in downtown Canton until the mid to late 1950s. One boiler of the plant provided steam heat via a tunnel under the tracks to the adjacent Canton Division Service Center at 606 Second Street South East until the mid 1980s when an electric boiler was installed in what had become Ohio Power’s Record Center. In 1983, the Line and Stores Departments moved from the 606 Second Street building to the new Canton South Service Center.
    Circa 1990, the Steam Plant was sold to a Canton salvage company and the smoke stack was leveled for safety reasons.
    Can anyone from Canton tell us if the other parts of the plant are still standing?

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