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by on April 13, 2010

Sometime in May, this site will begin publishing regular news and announcements for the benefit of retirees and alumni of American Electric Power.

For now, please visit the About and Links pages.

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  1. jgkennard permalink

    I find that notification of retirements, and deathes are at least three months back. There have been meany funerals that I should have attended. We at one time were notified the day the employee, or retire died. With the use of this system, can you notify us sooner. I also have read were the person was not working in the office or area stated in the notice. (Example) Retired Mgr. at Mt. Vernon, Ohio died, and the notice stated he worked in Newark, Ohio. Good luck with your new system.

  2. davidapatch permalink

    I’m happy to see AEP developing an online site like this. I’ve opted to receive all my billing statements, reports, etc online and welcome any chance I can get to reduce the amount of paper coming into my home. DPatchett

  3. Thanks for the comments. We’re working with our Human Resources department to see if we can obtain more timely notice of retirements and deaths for display on the Web site. In the meantime, please let us know if you hear of any (by providing feedback to this site).

    David — glad to see that you’ve embraced paperless billing. There’s a big push by AEP to get our customers to consider paperless billing: more efficient for them, less costly for us.

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